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In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea

San Teodoro, Sardinia

San Teodoro is one of the most famous locality in Sardinia. Its coasts, than extend for beyond 36 Km, are considered the most beautiful and interesting in Sardinia, with magic landscapes, white sand beaches, rocks pictured from the wind and a charming sea, first of all in the low season.
Il centro di San Teodoro, Sardegna

Its position, located 23 km south of Olbia, could be considered very important in order to visit all the wonders that Sardinia offers. From San Teodoro, in fact, it is possible to see without any difficulty the magic landscapes of Costa Smeralda, therefore the centre of the island, the Supramonte and the Barbagia. With daily trips it is possible to organize excursions in motor-ship along the coast of the Gulf of Orosei, it is possible to visit the caves of the Bue Marino and beautiful beaches like Cala Luna and Cala Goloritzè, or the Archipelago of La Maddalena.
It is even possible to join the towns and cities traditionally important like DorgaliOliena and Orgosolo; it is possible to visit important nuragic and prenuragic buildings like “Nuraghe“, like the village of Tiscali and Domus de Janas.

Not far from San Teodoro it is possible to visit naturalistic places rich of vegetation and wild nature like Mount Nieddu with different lakes and water falls; The most important beaches from North to South are Cala Girgolu, Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu, La Cinta and Isuledda. Behind of every beach there are lagoons crowded with different kind of birds like flamingos, gulls, ducks and herons.

Famous and important place of holiday in summer, San Teodoro could be considered a place to stay even during all the year, also during spring and autumn months that reveal ideals for who have necessity to spend holidays in relaxing and tranquillity in the beautiful of the wild nature.
San Teodoro offers a great chosen of tourist services which sail schools, windsurf school and diving, restaurants, bar, ice creams shops and a public square that during evening becomes a real walk way for tourists surrounded by Sardinian shopping centres.

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